Looking to invest in commercial property?  Commercial Property Finance doesn’t always mean that you will pay high interest rates.  Therefor a commercial property just maybe more affordable than you think.

We recently helped a client who had inherited a property from her late mother, which was passed down to her and her sister.  The sister agreed to sell her share to our client and we assisted with the purchase of her share of the commercial property from the estate.   We were able to:

  1. Secure the client a fantastic commercial rate,
  2. A long loan term,
  3. Cash out some funds to complete some upgrades on the property,
  4. Deal with the purchase from the estate (from a finance perspective) and
  5. Help deal with issues surrounding a caveat that was place on the property by the tenant’s lender.  (CAVEAT BEWARE – A post for another time).

Because of the caveat, the process was a very long one, however we saved the sisters $1000s in legal fees by negotiating with the Lenders on their behalf and eventually we were able settle on the deal and the property was transferred to our client.

If you are looking to purchase a commercial property we’d love to help.  Please Contact Us on 8823 5400.