Loan to Purchase Shares

Loan to Purchase SharesAre you interested in, or have you been offered shares in the business of your employer?  This can be an excellent income steam.  If so we can help get you the right loan to maximise the benefit of owning these shares.

We recently had a client who had been offered shares to purchase in the business in which he was employed.  The business was a well established profitable and viable business, making the purchase of these shares very attractive.  Adding to which the clients had done well to build strong equity in their property, putting them in an excellent position to acquire the shares.

The client was very loyal to their bank (one of the big four) however once we showed them the savings that could be had by looking outside the box they were pleasantly surprised.

As their shareholding would give them 30% ownership in the company, most of the lenders wanted to do the deal but at business rates.  Ultimately we found a lender that would give them a business loan to purchase the shares at rates lower than most home loans!

We are please to say the clients are delighted with their decision and we look forward to working with them on their other investment loans.

“Working with Scott Prosser was an absolute pleasure, easy to talk to and happy to spend the time needed so that we understood exactly what we were getting ourselves into.  We have been with a major bank for over 27 years and have never ventured out of our comfort zone. Scott showed us other options and we were amazed at how much money we could save.  We are now in the process of working with Scott on our other investment loan and look forward to a long and happy financial relationship.”  George & Anna Frossynos 07.01.2016

So if you are looking to purchase shares contact us on 03 8823 5400 or complete the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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