Refinance Business Loans at Home Loan Rates

Refinance Business LoansHave you been looking to refinance your business loans? Do you have equity in your Property but paying Business Loan Rates on your Business Loans?  It is possible to refinance your business loans at home loan rates.

One client of ours had done very well in building a successful plumbing business whilst paying down their home loan and building equity in their home and investment properties.

However the client always felt hamstrung about the higher rates he was paying on his business loans, and frustratingly had tried to negotiate better rates with his current lender.  After one meeting, we were able to determine that the client qualified for a lender that would offer to refinance his business loan at home loan rates.  We also worked with the client’s accountant to ensure everything was done properly to ensure  that the business debt still remained a deductible debt, for taxation purposes.

The end result is massive savings to the client, better cash flow and loan structure to allow him to pay off the non-deductible debt faster.

If you have a business loan and would like to see if you qualify please Contact Us on 03 8823 5400 or complete the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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