COVID-19 Hardship Contacts

For those that are experiencing genuine hardship with their mortgage repayments below is a list of contacts at each of the lenders. Please do not abuse this as it will only clog the lines for those that genuinely need this service. Lender Link Phone Adelaide Bank 650 259AFM now ... more

Vicdeaf Hero #runmelbourne

Vicdeaf Hero #runmelbourne
Join in as a #runmelbourne Vicdeaf Hero Looking for a Home Loan or would like to save some money on your Loans all whilst helping us donate to a good cause? Enquire about your loan before July 26th (Date of Run Melbourne) and we'll donate $50 on your behalf. Feeling Generous and would you like to donate?  Visit our Fundraising page here. Find our more about Vicdeaf by clicking this link... more

Franchise Refurbishment Finance

Is your Franchise Refurbishment due? Working hard in your franchise makes it only too easy for your refurbishment to creep up on you. As a result your funds are tied up and you don't have access to equity that you wish to use to fund the re-refurbishment. We may have the solution for you. 100% of refurbishment cost covered No lease payments for six months - Yes profit from your... more

Can I Refinance, Consolidate Debt and Get Some Cash Out?

In short, Yes!  You can refinance your home loan to consolidate debt and obtain some extra cash.  Not all lenders will allow this to occur, so it is important you seek the right advice from us to ensure you qualify with the appropriate lender. Some lenders will let you consolidate debt and cash out up to 80% of the value of your property.  Some lenders will go higher than 80% however you will... more

Business Loan to Purchase a Beauty Business

As specialist in arranging small business purchase finance, we are confident we can assist when it comes to a business loan to purchase a Beauty Business.  We'll create, compile and submit the application on your behalf and present the best deal and structure for your personal requirements.   Case Study In this case study we helped a client purchase a business with no cash... more

Live on the Surf Coast

A New Local Finance and Mortgage Broker for Torquay, Jan Juc and the Surf Coast. It's official, Director Scott Prosser has moved his family to the Surf Coast town of Jan Juc, temporarily whilst they wait the completion of their family home and potential future office in Torquay. After holidaying in the town of Jan Juc for many years and Scott's community involvement in the local Surf... more

Re-finance Investment Loan

Do you have an Investment Loan that you would like to re-finance?  Or have you recently moved out of your Owner Occupied Property and would like to convert your Home Loan to an Investment Loan?  Here is how we helped one client do just that. Our client had lived in his property for a few years and decided that he’d want to have a bit more of a positive cash flow.  He also wasn’t sure... more

How a home loan health check can broaden your property horizons

A simple home loan health check led two police officers to refinance for a saving of $7600 a year in interest. When police officers Ben Dixon and Sara Peters were looking for a home loan, they thought the choice was obvious. They secured finance through the same community-owned bank most of their colleagues used, bought a house and were happily paying it off. A few years on, and knowing that... more

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